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a Record Time with Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails, often referred to as Rails, is an open source web project that couples the Ruby programming language with the Rails web application framework. It is ideally suited for creating customer-facing web applications and its growing popularity is due to its ability to speed development while enriching user experience.

The Arion Rails team includes leading authors, experts and thought leaders in Ruby on Rails. Our experience enables us to rapidly deliver proven solutions to our clients.

What does that mean for you? It translates into lower costs, faster time-to-market and quality software applications that are easy to use.

Rails is a full-stack web application development framework that lets you develop rich, powerful applications in a fraction of the time it takes with .NET and J2EE. Rails is "opinionated software"; it has strong opinions about how web applications should be developed. These "opinions" are what allow for Rails' amazing productivity-if your web application is a nail, then Rails is a highly efficient hammer. With Rails, your applications will be:

  • Web 2.0 enabled, with the Rich Internet Application power of Ajax.
  • Able to hit aggressive time-to-market targets.
  • Able to leverage Web Services and SOA.
  • Developed to web application standards and best practices.
  • Fully unit and integration tested, using the Rails TDD tools and approach.

Rails introduces radical productivity improvements and follows mantras like "Convention over Configuration," "If It's Not Tested; It's Broken" and "Don't Repeat Yourself." These may sound like pithy quotes but they are at the heart of why Rails has been able to deliver such outstanding results.

Arion provides Rails expertise plus so much more. The Arion team also includes leading experts in Agile Development, Ajax, Web 2.0 and User Experience Design. Our expertise in Agile development and user centered design will ensure your Rails project meets your users needs and delivers value quickly.

We have a proven track record of delivering quality software solutions, on-time and on-budget. Over 80% of our clients engage us again and again because we deliver results and business value. Small startups and Fortune 50 firms alike have all capitalized on our know-how and skills to enable business breakthroughs and competitive advantage.

When you partner with Arion, you will find an ally that understands your business and brings proven industry experience to jump start your project and ensure that it runs smoothly and finishes on time.

Let us put our experience to work for you.

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