Right people who can understand, envisage,
design and Build the Right solution

The�PHP Leaf�of Arion Infotech combines the talent�to�tailor-make�solutions according to needs with the ability to use assembly-line techniques for quick and efficient 'manufacture' of software solutions.

Our view is that all websites are structurally similar by almost 80%, and it is the remaining 20% variable portion that demands a software engineer to build something new. This 20% makes each website solution unique and it is this portion that goes on to meet the specific client requirements.

Our best software engineers take care of the 20% customization part of the building process. The real value-addition happens in this portion of the entire solution, and we have the right people who can understand, envisage, design, and build the right solution for you.

For the 80% part, we use the same beneficial techniques used in traditional manufacturing. The assembly of this part is done quickly and efficiently using ready-made components sourced from the OpenSource suite.

The close resemblance of our assembly process with the highly efficient manufacturing process on a typical factory floor inspired us to call our team the PHP Leaf.

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