Highly seccure
Infrastructure at our office premises


Local Servers

  • File server - used for production and backup. Latest configuration on Linux platform to ensure maximum availability and speed to the software developers. Data mirroring using RAID 5. User-level authentication and access restrictions for safeguarding client data.
  • Gateway server - used for external data exchange and communication - An identity-based UTM (Unified Threat Management) system uses highly secure tools like firewall, gateway anti-virus and anti-malware, gateway anti-spam, intrusion prevention system, content filtering, bandwidth management and multiple link management over a single security appliance. Also, 24/7 monitoring of ports.
  • Database Server - used for database storing. Latest configuration rack-mountable on Windows 2008 Server platform to ensure maximum availability and speed to the software developers.
  • Production Server - used for PHP projects. Latest configuration rack-mountable on Linux platform to ensure maximum availability and speed to the software developers.

Remote Servers : 2 Linux-based, 2 Windows-based web-servers - 2 Dedicated and 2 Rack-mounted. Complete remote management is possible from the development center with monitoring of all the hosted websites done 24/7/365.

Internet Connectivity

  • Wired Connectivity - A primary 2 Mbps fiber optic connection, with two stand-by connections of 2 Mbps fiber optic and 1 Mbps cable, all from different ISPs for uninterrupted connectivity.
  • Wireless Connectivity - used for wireless networking. Cisco devices are used for wireless connectivity. Presently provided only for Internet for security reasons.


A replacement rate of 33% per year ensures that the developer workstations are always of the latest configuration. The typical current configuration uses Intel Core 2 Duo processor in conjunction with a minimum of 2 GB of DDR2 RAM, SATA hard disk, and a 17" LCD monitor.


  • Physical - we have a highly secure infrastructure at our office premises. Robust network and information security measures are complimented by 24/7/365 manned security provided at the entry and exit points.
  • VPN - used for secure connectivity to offices and remote users. It supports thread-free tunneling. Industry standard IPsec, L2TP, PPTP VPN, VPN High Availability for IPsec and L2TP Connections, Dual VPNC certifications Base and AES interop
  • Firewall - certified by ICSA Labs. Powerful stateful and deep packet inspecting. Fusion technology blends all the components into a single firewall policy. Prevents DoS & flooding attacks from Internet & external sources, identity-based access control for applications like P2P, IM. Application layer protection. Provides the right balance of security, connectivity and productivity. Highly scalable too.


Reliable power is ensured through a 110 KV, 20 MVA dedicated power station with three feeders from the power grids and distributed through 11 KV substations in the campus. In addition to these, Uninterruptible Power Supply systems with battery backup are installed within the office premises.

Data Backup

Automated daily data backup uses both the incremental and differential backup methods. Bi-weekly backup is done on physical media and are stored in remote secured locations.

Data Security Assurance

Multi-location business is a serious challenge because of the security issues in the handling of data. The safe handling of data is very much important in this age because if the classified data falls into the hands of the wrong person could have drastic implications to the organization and could lead to loss of business, trust, and money.

Our comprehensive security policy covers multiple levels of security - logical security, physical security, organizational and procedural security - thereby maximizing the benefits of Information Systems while minimizing the risks of offshore software outsourcing.

We use firewalls, anti-virus software, data encryption, authentication and access control mechanisms, to name a few.

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