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In the current scenario enterprises that are serious about human resources understand the bottom-line importance of job evaluation, job descriptions, employee training + retention and effective policies. Today an enterprise aims at organizing its hiring processes to reduce time-to-hire and cost-to-hire, whilst improving the quality-of-hire. Additionally, to be at par with �competitors in the battle for talent, an Enterprise must offer an appealing ambience and positive experiences for current as well as prospective employees.

The Problems

Although Enterprises are replete with tools that manage HR processes and information applications, including workflow and project management; there are some basic ingredients that are missing.

The missing ingredients:

Lack of appropriate integration: resulting in information gaps - the inability to deliver the right information at the right time - that translates into significant time and revenue losses.� To address this issue it is necessary for a software to possess strong integration capabilities with indigenous as well as third party software; enabling collaboration between processes, projects and information in real-time across the virtual enterprise; consequentially integrating and automating stand alone tools, along with establishing enhanced workflow and effective teamwork.

Lack of user acceptance: business processes and information applications, including workflow and project management; remain largely unused due to lack of employee involvement and participation. Inevitably, impeding; process automation of day to day tasks, project collaboration efforts, work flow, effective team work, compliance requirements, policy propagation - the list is endless; since almost all business procedures, especially related to IT and intellectual data are operative via the internet and / or the intranet.

The Solution

Flames HRM: web-based end to end applications with strong integration capabilities and pioneering techniques for user acceptance; plus, the software can be customized and scaled to suit your specifications and branding needs. Flames HRM structure and automate the entire Human Resource department of an Enterprise. Enhancing bottom-lines and experiences.

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