Integration Technology which enables
linking of applications & systems

Enterprise Application Integration

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) provides for an infrastructure that allows for progressive transformation of the IS towards greater integration. EAI can be described in several ways. It is a systems integration technology which enables the linking of applications and systems in a standard way. It is an implementation methodology to drive an integration program. It is a set of tools to support system integration. But most importantly, EAI transforms the current IT environment to one which better supports the business objectives and derives greater return on investment from IT.

Improved agility to market demand

EAI enables scalability of systems, applications and data enabling clients to expand, grow or re-allocate resources in line with market growth and constraints.

Easier diversification

In terms of products, market and geographies. Our EAI solutions enable businesses to shorten the time-to-market of new products and services in order to address new markets, potentially in new countries and to do it ahead of competition, which is fundamental to successful organic growth.

When large growth is commonly achieved through mergers and acquisitions, it is critical to manage the integration of new businesses in a timely and cost effective manner while realising all available synergies.

How we do it

As one of the world's major EAI integrators, Atos Origin delivers solutions for complete business integration.

Fast track consulting activities allow us to ensure the delivery of fit-for-business, completely implemented and in-use EAI solutions:

  • building a business case
  • assessing readiness for EAI
  • helping with an EAI provider selection
  • managing the impact of introducing EAI into the business as well as setting and enforcing discipline in usage, ownership and management.
We then deliver and operate 3 large types of EAI solutions:

  • Application-to-Application and Business-to-Business integration, with implementation of an EAI infrastructure and integration of application.
  • Total business integration, in order to open the enterprise to a variety of persons (Customers, Partners, Sales Channels, Employees) through the use of portals; connect the enterprise to a number of external systems (Customers, Partners, Marketplaces) through B2B solutions; integrate the enterprise through end to end application integration.
  • Business Process Hub agile solutions that allow enterprises to integrate better in their communities of interest. eCommunities are built thanks to the implementation of dedicated infrastructures that account for security, communication and network requirements. All based on the careful modelling of business processes to populate a library of reusable scenarios. We then orchestrate and monitor processes.

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