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The photography is the most important aspect of our virtual tour - technology is no excuse for poor photography.

  • Multi-resolution - every tour is a quick loading 60 megapixel panorama.
  • Painless execution and quick turn-around. Our work-flows are designed to work with minimal client downtime (if any) and delivery to your server without hundreds of questions.
  • We have the technical knowledge to customize our tour and tailor it to your specifications.

What is Virtual Tour ?

A Virtual tour allows anyone with internet access and a computer to look around a room or view from anywhere in the world at any time of day. They can look left and right, just like they were actually standing within the image!

It's made by taking several photographs of your establishment and stitching them together to produce a very wide photo which is then inserted in to a "viewer". This is then ready for your website!

A Virtual Tour is a full-colour 360� view of an interior or exterior of a property. They immerse you in the space giving you almost the same experience as if you were actually standing in the room. Our tours are interactively controlled by Scripts, so no additional software or plug-ins are required to view a tour. The download time is about 15 seconds with an ordinary connection.

To add an extra dimension to our Virtual Tour service we have developed virtual floor plans to combine with the virtual tours. By simply clicking on the rooms from the virtual floor plan, users can view the Virtual Tour, giving the user a more interactive experience.

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